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LCS uses a combination of automated and manual processes to stay up-to-date.



We search thousands of journals for studies related to long COVID.

  • Journals must be peer-reviewed
  • Results are merged and deduplicated
  • Search runs daily



We select only the highest-quality, most informative studies.

  • Must use human subjects
  • Must examine long COVID
  • Must have an experimental (or quasi-experimental) design



We extract key details from each study to drive our summaries

  • Study design
  • Primary outcomes
  • GRADE score

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Systematic reviews are the gold standard of medical evidence. But traditional reviews take months to plan, research, write, and publish.

This works fine for older, well-studied conditions. But long COVID is brand new, with important new research published every day.

To keep up, LCS runs a simplified literature review daily, so you can make decisions based on the latest scientific evidence.

34,000,000 studies searched

13 hours ago, LCS searched Pubmed and LitCOVID for all long COVID-related studies.

802 studies returned

After removing duplicates, this search returned 88 studies related to long COVID.

88 studies selected and summarized

We're only interested in peer-reviewed studies with human long COVID patients, and these studies must look at long COVID treatments or symptoms.
Last search on Dec 1, 2022 at 17:08 UTC
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